Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome to the Michael Colombo Project

My name is Michael Colombo. I am a techical consultant, interaction designer, and artist living in New York City. I am also one of scores of Michael Colombos on the internet and in the world nowadays. This project was inspired by a plaque I received in High School - The James Truscello Award for Music. It's got my full name engraved on it and everything.

The Michael Colombo Project

Despite fond memories of High School band class, I no longer wish to own this plaque. Perhaps other Michael Colombos in this world have prizes and accolades they've won in their lives who might be interested in trading.

The Michael Colombo Project is an exchange of tangible rewards and prizes given to individuals named Michael Colombo. To participate, any Michael Colombo mails his award (plaque, trophy, certificate, etc.) to the central Michael Colombo Project office, and submits a short account of how he was bestowed this award.

Once two Michael Colombos have sent in their awards, the central office mails them the exchanged awards, for which they must write fictional accounts of how they earned these awards. They'll also be asked to proudly pose with their new awards.

In short:

1. Mail me an award with your name on it.
2. Tell me a short story of how you won the award.
3. Receive an award in the mail from a different Michael Colombo
4. Take a picture of yourself with the new award, and write a short fictional account of how you won this award.

All stories and pictures will be posted to this blog.

I am the first person to think of this, but it could be done for any name there is in existence. It just needs a person with that name to take the initiative and start the project.

So, I know a lucky Michael Colombo out there would love to brag of their musical talents and how they won the James Truscello award. If you want to trade, I await your award. This will begin with you and me. Mail it here:

Michael Colombo
c/o ITP
721 Broadway 4th Floor
New York NY 10003